Trailer with antenna for telecommunications

By Suzana Savković,

Trailer 3.5t – Mobile GSM station

Challenges and sustainable solutions are something that is our everyday life.
There are always some special customer requests, which are our treat.

In situations where the GSM network is overloaded due to a large number of connected users, as is the case at large concerts and similar events, the solution is a trailer → a mobile GSM station with a telecommunications antenna and equipment, which is brought in, the antenna is raised, it strengthens the signal and resolves network overload problem!

The UniO2 trailer, whose utility value is in the time we live in, where it has become most important to be “networked", has become extremely important, so to speak, as a backup main solution for large data transfers.

The O2 category trailer, i.e. 3.5t gross weight, with two axles from the renowned manufacturer AL-KO and a telecommunications antenna is a special upgrade, which, in addition to AL-KO axles and a wheel with a pawl of the same brand, has an upgrade made of insulated composite sandwich panels on a high-quality undercarriage. of our production. Tires: 195/50R14C.

This trailer is divided by a partition panel into two unequal parts (1/3 rear part + 2/3 front part), and of course it contains built-in reinforcements for fixing the REK cabinet for housing communication equipment. The floor is thermally insulated, with a floor surface made of aluminum ribbed sheet, with reinforcement in the form of wooden beams in the antenna installation area and with floor reinforcement in the front part in the front area for installation of aggregates.

The side doors are only on the front part of the superstructure, in the form of mesh metal doors on both sides, with locks and the possibility of locking.

A tarpaulin with the possibility of manual rolling upwards is placed over the door as protection. It is possible to fix the tarpaulin both in the raised and in the closed position.

At the back of the trailer there is a single-wing rear door, and in that part of the superstructure there is a separate space for REK cabinets for communication equipment, and next to the rear door on the outside, a folding ladder is placed to access the roof of the superstructure.

The roof has an aluminum running surface, adequate for working on it. Along the sides and the front, there is a protective fence that can be folded / lowered onto the roof panel.

The trailer has hydraulic feet for leveling the superstructure placed in the corners (4 feet).

These mobile telecommunication base stations are the trend of the future. 

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