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Who is Uniplast Serbia?

Team that likes challenges! You ask us for quallity and we will outbid it. Place a deadline, we will fully comply with it. Give us some questions, we will give you the answers.
In the truck bodywork universe, Uniplast Serbia is the planet of truck bodyworks, whole process in one place, from the most simple to the most complex truck organism.
We can allow ourselves creativity, we have technical and intellectual capacity, we offer solutions.
Amazing quality is not expensive, it is invaluable, everything that is amazing is rare and that makes us quite competitive in all segments of industry and market!

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    Sales & Marketing

    Sales and marketing recieves customer requests and offers consulting services. And marketing... we are all marketing.

  • 2

    Technic & Logistics

    Transfusing ideas in 3D reality of technical drawings by finalizing work orders enable continuous and creative flow for the manufacturing process.

  • 3

    Bodywork assembly & Montage

    From ideas and wishes to the finalization plans, interphase inspections, to the product that always turns out better than expected. Completing the product, just like giving birth to and raising a child, demands special attention, during the creation of magnificence.

  • 4

    Sculptured Steel

    Our attested sculpturers can weld all types of steel, aluminium, alloys... in constructions which walk and breathe, together with vehicle.

  • 5

    Post selling & Service

    Service team is trained to expresly deal with reclamations of our buyer. Since there is not much work in reclamations, we have qualified them to deal with heaviest wreckages, working with detailed recomendations of the manufacturers: Schmitz Cargobull and other service principals, have placed their trust into us.

  • 6

    Finance & Bookkeeping

    This team has the power of managing money and an obligation to work by the law. Biggest part of this team are human resources, as the most important resource of this company, with it’s most important principle: salary on time.

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