Mercedes Benz Arocs 4151 8×6 – UniCrane Fassi F710RA

Introducing the UniCrane upgrade (flatbed without pillars and tarpaulin, with aluminum three-part sides) with a crane from the Italian manufacturer Fassi, located behind the vehicle's…

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Trailer with antenna for telecommunications

Trailer 3.5t - Mobile GSM station Challenges and sustainable solutions are something that is our everyday life. There are always some special customer requests, which…

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Trailer with the possibility of extending 6m for the transport of buses

We must admit that there are much more frequent requests for the production of low-load trailers for the transport of certain construction machines and other…

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Price list adjustment notice

Dear customers, dear friends,   the severe crisis in international markets, which is taking place against a complex economic background, is causing constant increases in…

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Instalation of additional air capacity on tractor


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Rapid prototyping project of optimized refrigerated vehicle bodies – ATP project

Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Innovation Center are developing thermally insulated superstructures in cooperation with Uniplast Serbia The Rapid prototyping project…

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Ideal for city crowds as a 3.5t vehicle with cooling unit and movable partition panel

Fiat Ducato with thermally insulated body for transporting goods in multi-temperature mode Thermo-insulated chamber on the Fiat Ducato chassis, gross weight 3,500 kg allows the…

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MEMU vehicle – Mobile unit for making explosives

MEMU vehicle - Mobile unit for the production of explosives, a fully designed vehicle and manufactured for the MAN TGS 33,400 truck chassis, by Uniplast.…

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UniMachine ST 8A semitrailer GVW 128t – queen of special loads is a 8-axle low loader

The semi-trailer UniMachine ST 8A is a superior product that we designed, manufactured, and then transported on the NAVAK track in Belgrade. UniMachine ST 8A…

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Upgrade for the transport of miners with a cargo box and HYVA crane at the rear of upgrade

The thermally insulated superstructure on the Kamaz 6x6 chassis, with a single side door, is made of insulated composite sandwich panels, with 6 seats inside…

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Notice regarding the COVID-19

Dear associates, in the first place we want to inform you that we are fine, what we want to all of you. We shortened our…

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UniLight upgrades UL4, UL5, UL6

UL4 (UniLight 4 Euro Pallets), UL5 (UniLight 5 Euro Pallets), UL6 (UniLight 6 Euro Pallets) Because UniLight upgrades provide the highest payload capacity for vehicles.…

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What is Uniplast Serbia CE sign?

We have continuous inquiries regarding the placing of the CE marking. CE stands for Conformité Européenne and unlike the quality standard, the CE mark is…

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TrailerWIN Seminar 2019 held at Uniplast Serbia

trailerwin seminar 2019

On Saturday October 26, 2019 year, our company hosted another exclusive TrailerWIN seminar. The seminar brought together participants from different business spheres. Some of the…

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TrailerWIN Seminar 2019

TrailerWIN seminar 2019

You're invited to the second exclusive TrailerWIN Seminar 2019, to be held on Saturday 10/26/2019. starting at 09h. Book your place on time. It's not…

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Logistics with efficient (multi-chamber) termal vehicles (multi-temperature regime)

In order to supply large commodity chains to different types of products, these vehicles are a hit, as the trend towards linking products is increasing,…

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Schmitz training – Replacement of the floor in King pin zone

We want to share with you the news that we as an authorized service partner of Schmitz Cargobull's had another interesting training (training) after which…

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Rock band SLONZ from Sabac – winner of the “Demo fest” in Banja Luka


"Support, encourage and admire everyone who tries to be better. We all need more support, the critics already have too much. " This quote is…

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Schmitz CTU3 training – telematics

Future (in which we already are for a long time for your information) belongs to telemetrics, when we are talking about vehicles. Our partner Schmitz…

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Problem due to short rear overhang… With us, it does not exist!

With two axles trucks over 16t gross mass (up to 19t …. 20t), there is often a problem due to short rear ovehang. In situations…

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Certified welders of qualified welding technology according to ISO 15614

Uniplast Serbia possesses qualified welding technologies according to ISO 15614. Certification and training of welders are performed on a daily basis.  Our welders have certificates…

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Isuzu D Max mini cooling chamber – ARMY

UNIC Isuzu hladnjača za Vojsku Republike Srbije

The main features of the ISUZU D MAX mini cooler for the needs of the army are: LEADER ON THE MARKET Isuzu D-Max is not…

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ISUZU B2B ROADSHOW 2017 mirror of the beautiful cooperation between the Japanese and Serbian brands

isuzu roadshow 2017

We were proud participians of the ISUZU B2B ROADSHOW 2017 – dynamic exhibition of ISUZU trucks and pick-ups, as well as special bodyworks, which took…

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Help to Science – NIBBLE Team – EUROBOT 2014


We have helped student NIBBLE TIM (Faculty of Technical Science, Novi Sad). Five FTN students formed “NIBBLE TIM” with the aim to perform at his…

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Three-day test UNICE Bofrost truck for ice cream transportation, on track Markbronn – Germany

Test UNICE sladoledare Markbronn

A shortened report from a three-day UNICE Bofrost test on bodywork for ice cream transport on a trail at Markbronn, near Ulm, Germany. See how…

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Foldable semi-trailer as mobile school (Center for the Promotion of Science – CPN)

Naucni kamion Centar za promociju nauke CPN

Our „Transformer“, or the way we produced upgrade with unbeliveable 200 square meter surface. Client was Science Promotion Centre (Centar Za Promociju Nauke) or CPN…

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SMART control room for the radar system for the Technical test center (“TOC”)

Special SMART control room of the radar system and trailer with radar system "Beatronic Supply". SMART control room of the radar system and trailer with…

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