Schmitz training – Replacement of the floor in King pin zone

By Suzana Savković,

We want to share with you the news that we as an authorized service partner of Schmitz Cargobull’s had another interesting training (training) after which our employees passed new certification and hung it on the wall. The training was attended by representatives of companies from Slovenia and Croatia, also service partners. Given that this is a specific type of reparation, that is, replacing the floor in the zone of the King pin of a semi-trailer, we thought it would be nice to share this news here on our press page.

This repair of the floor in the King pin zone implies the replacement of the complete front part of the floor panel of the semi-trailer.

The first step is to dismantle the floorboard with a king pin, then dismantle of the damaged part of the floor with the accompanying moldings.


Performs the processing of the floor panel and adjustment of the installation of the new floor panel of Schmitz Cargobull.



When a new floor panel is placed on a prepared and well-processed place, it must be fastened in order to apply the adhesive do its own.


Naturally, the training was successful, and besides the certificates we received for the same, what is most important is the fact that the customer is satisfied with the reparation done.


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Schmitz CTU3 training – telematics

By Suzana Savković,

Future (in which we already are for a long time for your information) belongs to telemetrics, when we are talking about vehicles. Our partner Schmitz Cargobull has held regional training on this topic, where we do not keep the connection but rather the front. 

The subject of the training was telemetry in the CTU3 unit, with a reference to comparisons in relation to CTU2 units. The advantage of CTU3 units is that all modules are integrated into the unit itself, there are no modules.

Main characteristics of the CTU3 units are:

* Monitoring the temperature inside the chamber,
* Opening / closing the door of the chamber,
* Lock / unlock the door of the chamber,
* Monitoring the operation of the cooling device,
* GPS tracking,
* Motion sensor on the trailer,
* Worn brake system,
* Tire pressure, etc.

All of the above mentioned features and characteristics of the CTU3 itself enable easier monitoring, i.e. monitoring via the Schmitz Cargobull portal. In addition to all these advantages, Schmitz has also turned to the road of innovation to users and a new design of the interface of the diagnostic software.

Let's go on together, partner steps…

schmitz ctu3

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