Ideal for city crowds as a 3.5t vehicle with cooling unit and movable partition panel

By Suzana Savković,

Fiat Ducato with thermally insulated body for transporting goods in multi-temperature mode

Thermo-insulated chamber on the Fiat Ducato chassis, gross weight 3,500 kg allows the user to load 7 EP (Euro Pallets) with N packing mode (shown below), and thanks to the built-in, movable partition panel and the ability to transport goods in multiple temperature modes within the same vehicle.

UNI°C thermally insulated superstructure (coller) provides exceptional strength, with excellent loading capacity, with proven quality and long upgrade life. The connection between the vehicle chassis and the superstructure is made via a suitable aluminum auxiliary chassis.  Designed and manufactured with reinforcements already within the production of sandwich panels, it provides the user with security in terms of insulated itself, ie safe transport of perichable foodstuffs, and here specifically at minus temperature. Structural and high-quality insulation material Corafoam, with laminate composite coatings (in the color desired by the customer), provides: UV stable, acid-resistant panels, which meet all the requirements of hygiene regulations and are HACCP, ATP certified. Thanks to the panel production technology and the excellent door sealing system, our thermally insulated chamber provides excellent insulation, which of course automatically results in better cooling and lower fuel consumption.

Composite floor, based on composite materials, represents a longer-lasting solution in floor exploitation, as well as durability at high and very low temperatures. In addition, it has the property of easy maintenance and convenience for the food industry, as well as high mechanical and chemical resistance.  This refrigerated truck body is closed at the rear by a double doors, which is provided by two high-quality stainless steel door locks, while the side door is placed at the beginning on the right, with an opening towards the rear panel, to easily acces goods in the front part where is minus temperature regime.

Uniplast Serbia movable panel with gas springs, 45mm thickness, rubberized, from the upper side it moves along the roof routes (guides) and raises the superstructure under the roof. It has two fans, for the flow (exhange) of air from the first part of the chamber to the second (last), with thermostats to control the operation of the fan. The partition panel has its holders when it is in the raised position, ie the possibility of locking the panel in the raised position in the sides of the superstructure.

Of course there are also 2 roof indoor LED lamps mounted on the side and rear left doors. In addition to the interior lighting, Al-u holkers with a height of 285mm are placed on the forehead, sides and rear doors, as well as a row of wall binding rails on the sides of the box, into which the movable partition panel is locked.

In order to follow the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also to achive significant savings in fuel consumption, a spoiler was mounted on the vehicle and fits very nicely.


  • compact vehicle, easy to handle and very flexible in its characteristics for a delivery vehicle
  • optimal load capacity of approx. 800 kg, with partition panel and all other options
  • excellent insulation for the safe transport of perishable foodstuffs, such as meat, but also for the transport of fresh food and frozen products
  • completely adequate solution for transport of fresh food and transport of frozen program, with certified ATP certificate
  • our upgrades usually have a longer service life than the vehicle body, so they can be easily dismantled and put back on the new truck chassis
  • innovative construction of panel joints, extremely durable technology of gluing or pressing panels make upgrades in terms of durability to be extremely stable and resistant
  • a refrigerated truck body that is completely flexible solution for city distribution

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