UNI°C LI 201 light insulated bodyworks

UNI°C LI 201 light insulated bodyworks

UNI°C LI 201 light insulated bodyworks

Light insulated bodyworks, beyond ATP, marked LI, with insulation ratio k above 0,7 are intended for transportation of goods in a non defined temperature system. Code for this group of bodyworks is 201 LI N, and the thickness of all panels is usually around 40 mm.

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SHOPS - Mobile Shops

Mobile shops for truck chassis, trailers and semitrailers for providing of all types of mechandise and services.

WORK - Bodywork for residence or workshop

All kinds of residental and workshop bodyworks, where thermo insulation ratio ensures heating and cooling with minimal energy consuption

LAB - Residental, container bodyworks

Mobile laboratories, outside broadcasting, comand centers, science center bodyworks for trucks, trailers and semitrailers with shifting – extrudation in all directions!

ARMOURED - Shielded, protected bodyworks

Special panel bodyworks, with different levels of anti-impact and anti-ballistic protection, fro transportation of valuable goods with all characteristics by EN 1143-1:2004 standard, for civilian and military purposes, with possibility of producing radar command rooms – Cage of Faraday.

PEOPLE - Bodyworks for transporting people

Upgrades to accommodate people for transportation on inaccessible terrains, which are with the help of double three point chassis, fully adequate and adapted to off-road driving and all terrain conditions.

Category UNI°C LI offers bodyworks in following dimensions:

Varijanta Red. broj Kat. broj Tip Verzija
1 201N01 A1 UNI°C LI
2 201N02 A2 UNI°C LI
3 201N03 A3 UNI°C LI
4 201N04 A4 UNI°C LI
5 201N05 A5 UNI°C LI
6 201N06 A6 UNI°C LI
7 201N07 A7 UNI°C LI
8 201N08 A8 UNI°C LI
9 201N09 A9 UNI°C LI
10 201N10 B1 UNI°C LI
11 201N11 B2 UNI°C LI
12 201N12 B3 UNI°C LI
13 201N13 B4 UNI°C LI
14 201N14 B5 UNI°C LI
15 201N15 B6 UNI°C LI
16 201N16 B7 UNI°C LI
17 201N17 B8 UNI°C LI
18 201N18 B9 UNI°C LI
19 201N19 C1 UNI°C LI
20 201N20 Y7 UNI°C LI
21 201N21 Y8 UNI°C LI
22 201N22 Y9 UNI°C LI
23 201N23 C2 UNI°C LI
24 201N24 C3 UNI°C LI
25 201N25 C4 UNI°C LI
26 201N26 C5 UNI°C LI
27 201N27 C6 UNI°C LI
28 201N28 C7 UNI°C LI
29 201N29 C8 UNI°C LI
30 201N30 C9 UNI°C LI
31 201N31 D1 UNI°C LI
32 201N32 D2 UNI°C LI
33 201N33 D3 UNI°C LI
34 201N34 D4 UNI°C LI
35 201N35 D5 UNI°C LI
36 201N36 D6 UNI°C LI
37 201N37 D7 UNI°C LI
38 201N38 D8 UNI°C LI
39 201N39 D9 UNI°C LI
40 201N40 Z1 UNI°C LI
41 201N41 Z2 UNI°C LI
42 201N42 Z3 UNI°C LI
43 201N43 E1 UNI°C LI
44 201N44 E2 UNI°C LI
45 201N45 E3 UNI°C LI
46 201N46 E4 UNI°C LI
47 201N47 E5 UNI°C LI
48 201N48 E6 UNI°C LI
49 201N49 E7 UNI°C LI
50 201N50 E8 UNI°C LI
51 201N51 E9 UNI°C LI
52 201N52 F1 UNI°C LI
53 201N53 F2 UNI°C LI
54 201N54 F3 UNI°C LI
55 201N55 F4 UNI°C LI
56 201N56 F5 UNI°C LI
57 201N57 F6 UNI°C LI
58 201N58 F7 UNI°C LI
59 201N59 F8 UNI°C LI