What is Uniplast Serbia CE sign?

What is Uniplast Serbia CE sign?

What is Uniplast Serbia CE sign?

We have continuous inquiries regarding the placing of the CE marking.

CE stands for Conformité Européenne and unlike the quality standard, the CE mark is mandatory and applies to the safety of your product.

The CE mark is a passport of Uniplast Serbia products, necessary for most of our industrial products (and it is not applicable to food products).

When Uniplast Serbia affixes the CE marking to its product, Uniplast Serbia thereby confirms that the product meets the essential requirements for that product (including requirements for the intended use) given in the European directives, which are the legal framework for entry into the EU market.

In accordance with European directives, harmonized standards are adopted, which set out detailed rewuirements for our products and ways of assessing the conformity of products with essential requirements.

Our one product is subject to one or more directives and one or more harmonized standards, which depends on the nature of the product and its purpose.

The Uniplast Serbia CE mark is not a product quality mark and does not indicate the origin of the product. The Uniplast Serbia CE mark indicates that the product meets the requirements for safety and health of users and the requirements for property and enviromental protection in accordance with European directives and as such we can place it on our products, as well as other manufacturers worldwide, because we meet the requirements of European directives for that product.

So, Uniplast Serbia does not have to be in EU territory to use the CE mark, but we still have our company Uniplast in Croatia, through which we apply in organizations where EU residency is a requirement.

Uniplast Serbia independently places the CE marking to its products, provided that we have previously completed the conformity assessment procedure for the products and accordingly draw up a Declaration of Conformity.

Conformity assessment is in principle related to product, manufacturing process, service, quality system and environment. The compliance of the product with the technical regulations, standards and specifications is evidenced by the supplier’s statement, the test report in the accredited laboratory, as well as the report of the control organization and the certificate of conformity of the certification body.

The Declaration of Conformity is signed by an authorized person of Uniplast Serbia, which guarantees the accuracy of the information stated in the statement. The Declaration of Conformity is a required document and accompanies all our products with the CE mark on the EU market, where we export 85% of our production (Germany, Austria, Italy, Norway, region… )

The Uniplast Serbia CE mark is affixed to the product itself, to its nameplate, with the information and the accompanying documentation.

The Uniplast Serbia CE marking is affixed to all new products (at least one directive covered) manufactured in Serbia and indicates the conformity of products with European legislation based on safety, healthy in a protective environment.

There is no standard, no example of a product for which we do not have certification, which is the basis for all previous statements. Specifically for Iveco Daily sessions, we have EU Stage 2 approval, under the 2007/46 rule, and from September this year we move to the new EU rule, 2018/858.

We are available to everyone for further clarification, but it is understood that all customers who purchase any product Uniplast Serbia, get the same and all necessary documentation as an example.

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