TrailerWIN Seminar 2019 held at Uniplast Serbia

TrailerWIN Seminar 2019 held at Uniplast Serbia

TrailerWIN Seminar 2019 held at Uniplast Serbia

On Saturday October 26, 2019 year, our company hosted another exclusive TrailerWIN seminar. The seminar brought together participants from different business spheres. Some of the participants came from commercial and upgraded vehicle inspection institutions, attestations, approvals, certification and technical documentation required for the operation of the vehicle. The second part was made up of people who are closely related to other upgrading activities: upgrades, crane installations, total vehicle design, special braking systems, then refrigeration units, and part of the participants were foreign vehicle upgraders and their designers, who wanted to learn more about the possibilities of the software and the application of the same in practice with us as on Saturday an representative bodybuilder company.

TrailerWIN software that Uniplast Serbia has been using since day one of its existence as one of the tools for all technical calculations is presented as the beginning of the story needed for each type of vehicle being upgraded, something as the first confirmation of the safety of the upgrade itself, and then in the field of preparation for all the necessary documentation for the approval of the completed vehicle.

In addition to the basic TRW module, participants could hear all the possibilities related to CraneWIN (calculations required for stability and other parameters of the vehicle’s mounted crane) within the TrailerWIN story, as well as FrameWIN (which enables the calculation of the necessary calculations for the auxiliary and the main chassis of the vehicle), as well as CornerWIN, which serves us to drive the vehicle through all the roundabouts of the world, without moving away from the screen, and thus see if there are any risks or if everything is fine. BusWIN and DrivelineWIN modules were also mentioned, which raised a lot of questions, but the most interesting was BrakeWIN, a module through which participants saw how Uniplast Serbia designs a complete vehicle and manages information related to the braking calculations of the trailers and semi-trailers it produces.

trailerwin seminar 2019

Participants had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Roland Dahlin, who is the CEO & co-founder of Trailer Company, but also to get answers to questions regarding their interest and directly from Miroslav Zivanovic, CEO of Uniplast Serbia, whose knowledge and experience in this area was available and very helpful.

A lot of attention was drawn to the comparison of 2 software: BRW with Knorr Bremse software for detailed brake analysis and approval calculations, so we can boast that the first expert in this field at our factory Marko Podleznik gave an excellent presentation of the Knorr Bremse software. In addition, Director Miroslav and Milos Bogdanovic are holders of Knorr Bremse type approval licenses, which make their brake calculations valid at any point on the globe, but again nothing without a basic BRW, which serves us for quick initial work calculations.

All the interested participants received a lot of useful information, and what we received as a special suggestion was that they especially liked the seminar, because they had the opportunity to see the application of the program in practice, that is, to see what it looks like when something goes as a preliminary analysis of a vehicle, and after many stages it emerges as a manufactured, complete vehicle, on its way to a satisfied customer.

Special thanks to Vidaco d.o.o. Who is the authorized distributor of TrailerVIN software in our region and Mr. Drazen Škrlec, who, as an initiator, contributed to having one such seminar and held all the benefits for everyone.

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