Notice regarding the COVID-19

Notice regarding the COVID-19

Notice regarding the COVID-19

Dear associates,

in the first place we want to inform you that we are fine, what we want to all of you.
We shortened our working hours from 7h00 ‘- 15h30’ to 7h00 ‘- 14h30’ business days.

In accordance with the negotiated and accepted offers and signed contracts, we do our best to make deliveries on time. The superhuman efforts of transporters keep everything alive, and they are now the true heroes of the new situation in the field of physical export of our products and import of raw materials, delivery of vehicle chassis…

In accordance with the arrival of vehicle chassis, refrigeration units, loading ramps, cranes, shafts, etc., we will efficiently and effectively carry out the agreed processes of production and completion and approval of vehicles.

In the coming months, due to the new situation, all deadlines will be viewed in the context of the further development of the Corona pandemic (COVID-19) virus, which is spreading throughout Europe.

The force majeure proclaimed in all the truck and chassis factories we use, caused by the pandemic and the fact that due to increased risks and interruptions in the supply chains, all manufacturers are forced to temporarily slow down or halt production processes.

We strive to minimize the impact of this situation and the state of emergency proclaimed in the Republic of Serbia, by applying all instructions to minimize the risks to partners and employees, and simply the minimal impact of this Force majeure on us all.

In such cases, all agreed deadlines will change and extend for the duration of the aforementioned disorders, and with all the instructions for maintaining the safety and security of our partners and employees, we will do our best to minimize the effects of this global disorder.

We are also available for any more accurate information not covered by this notice.

CEO Vladica Vujanović
CCO Miroslav Živanović

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